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Here you’ll find information about the extraordinary findings of the very intelligent researcher Royal Raymond Rife. He developed and built himself the world’s most powerful microscope. The Rife Microscope should have caused a major breakthrough and revolution in medicine. Rife could make visible bacteria and viruses below his microscope in very high detail. His microscope was able to magnify up a whopping 60,000 times. He could real-time see and research the biological processes going on in the micro-world of bacteria and viruses. The modern electron-microscope is useless because all life below it is killed, so it’s impossible to see what’s really happening in the world of bacteria and viruses.
Rife’s revolutionary findings
Below the microscope he saw things happen, that no man had seen before: He saw polymorf, very tiny bacteria. These bacteria (or were it viruses) could transform into four very different forms. One of these forms was a bacilli, which Rife called the Bacilli X (Reich discovered these later independently and called them T-Bacilli). The Bacilli X (Short BX) could make human cells turn into cancerous cells. Yes, you’re reading it right: Cancer-causing bacteria !

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