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Goldwater, substance saving the future?

Gold Water the Elixir of Life?
Gold Water (colloidal gold) of Auror Scalar Technology consists of a colloidal composition of products like gold, ( 99.99% pure gold and concentration is 10 PPM),  Silver (pure silver 99.99% and the concentration is 10PPM), platinum, indium, copper, zinc, vanadium, iron, palladium, titanium, iridium, rhodium and with magnesium, iodine, TA-65. These minerals are all processed in an isotonic form. TA-65 is a proven telomerase activator, that was originally discovered and patented by a California biotech company Geron TA-65. TA-65 can stimulate the hTERT gene, which activates the enzyme telomerase. This enzym can prolong the telomere, which increases the vitality.   The gold water is an unique formula, that we introduced by the name of Rejuvenation Formula Gold on. The product is more often called Gold Water. Another product that has as much effect on the vitality/energy has yet to be invented. The Goldwater increases the vitality and quality of life, which therefore can have a huge impact on our life expectancy. The Rejuvenation Formula Gold has a strong effect on our vitality and appearance. Vitality can return, wrinkles can soften or disappear altogether. If you already use the Rejuvenation Formula Gold, then it’s not recomended to also take colloidal silver, because Goldwater already contains enough colloidal silver.
Moreover, the mental stability increases tremendously. Which means that you will mentally feel much stronger even after short usage of the Goldwater. Many people think they are mentally feeling strong, however after using Rejuvenation Formula Gold of the conclusion can be drawn that this wasn’t true. Rejuvenation Formula Gold makes you feel way more energetic, lively, vital and mentally relaxed.
The symptoms of low energy, may include: insecurity, anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress, worry, fatigue when waking up, short temper or having no desire to do anything. Lazy people don’t exist, this often has to do with a lack of energy physically and mentally.
The Rejuvenation Formula Gold works both physically and mentally. This product is a revolutionary breakthrough when it comes to quality of life, rejuvenation and vitality. It is the most advanced product of its kind, and is only produced by Auror Scalar Technology in the Netherlands. After some days of usage, the vitality willl increase tremendously. After a few weeks, many people experience tighter skin and reduction of wrinkles and age spots. It’s even possible to experience a more natural body figure, without losing weight. In conclusion you may look much slimmer, healthier and therefore feel mentally lots stronger.
What is gold?
The Latin name for gold is Aurummetallicum. Paracelsus, a Swiss philosopher, acknowledged the usage of gold against diseases like syphilis and leprosy. Paracelsus and with him many other philosophers and researchers regarded gold as a cure for aging. It would have a rejuvenating effect on the body and they believed it can nearly double the age. Click here for more information about these researchers.
The color and the production of colloidal gold.
Colloidal gold is produced by a process called electrolysis. This creates electrically charged particles of gold (gold ions) in pure water, without artificial additives. Some other websites state that the colloidal gold should have a violet color. However, this can be explained by the intensity of the voltage that is used with the production. A high voltage production gives a violet color, while a low voltage production gives less coarse particles and this creates the light yellow color. This low voltage production is much better, because the body can absorb the gold particles better. Also, the number of parts per milliliter (PPM) in this product isn’t important, because the combination of the isotonic form and the colloidal substances is most of interest. This is a very different product than products what other vendors sale People who have more confidence in these other products, should not buy the Rejuvenation Formula Gold.
Isotonic / frequency form
The product includes colloidal gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper, zinc, vanadium, titanium and indium. The substances are only processed in the ionic-form. This form ensures that the product will be fully incorporated in the body. When taking pills or powder form, there will be a loss of substances. It isn’t recommended to bring this product near to electromagnetic fields such as in DEC-phones, microwave ovens and so on. If the product contact this fields it can be disturb the substance.
What is colloidal gold?
Colloidal Gold (also called gold water) is the element of pure gold, dissolved in pure water. The gold is in ionic form. Only plants can convert the gold into particles that are as small as particles in the colloidal gold. They extract the metal (which our body can not directly absorb) from the ground and convert it to the ionic form which our body can absorb. These particles are so small that they float in the water. These minerals and metals should never be taken in solid form: it is toxic and can cause problems with the digestive system, the kidneys and much more.
The influence of colloidal gold
Dr. Robert Koch discovered in 1890 that the bacillus that causes tuberculosis could not live near gold. Soon after that, it was discovered that gold even has a positive effect on other health problems. Medical science has concluded that the body absorbs the all necessary minerals way faster in colloïdal form than it does in pill/powder form. Already, these new advanced colloidal technology, have achieved remarkable results, just as our customers. Colloidal gold can spread itself to all parts of the body. Moreover the Dutch academic and medical research increasingly report results, which indicate a significant positive effect of gold in this form.
What does the colloidal gold do?
The gold itself has no antibacterial/antibiotic function, but according to several publications has an effect on physical ailments, an emotional healing and harmonizing effect. The gold elixir influences the core of the cells and nutrients of the body. It also influences our etheric body, this is the first energy layer directly surrounding our physical body. It is very beneficial for the organs, the hormonal system and especially the brains. Gold also offers water protection from all radiation that can have a negative effect on our health. These radiation includes radiation from cell towers, terrestrial radiation, and so on. Clear, for instance, from recent Dutch university medical studies (University of Twente in collaboration AMC Amsterdam, Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam and RIVM) that gold can attach to tumor cells in cancer patients, making effective treatment possible by heating the cells using infrared nanotechnology radiation.
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