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Colloïdal silver as antibiotic.

What is silver?
The Latin name for silver is  ‘Argentum metallicum’. Silver has been used as a medicine by many cultures for hundreds of years, for all kinds of purposes. Nowadays the medical use of silver has gained a renewed interest from people all over the world. Pure silver is being used in colloidal form as a solution.Colloidal solutions of certain substances in nature are very small, nevertheless they still contain the characteristics of the original matter.
Paul Farber
The American doctor Paul Farber is a scientific researcher. He discovered colloidal silver (also called  silver water) after a regular treatment with antibiotics, that gave him a yeast infection. He wrote the book ‘The Micro Silver Bullet’, in which he explains extensively about the many uses of silverwater. The book in itself contains such an amount of (medical) information, it should be in every doctor’s, veterinary’s and therapist’s office.
Do not take with any other medications
Has been used in the medical world for many years (early 1900s, but was too expensive at the time)
What is colloidal silver?
Silver water consists of distilled water with extremely small submicroscopic (between 0.01 and 0.001 micron) floating and electrically charged silverparticles in it. The silverparticles are smaller than a virus and therefore have the ability to penetrate the virus.
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